One of the most challenging aspects of implementing a secure Cloud-Native environment is keeping up with the constant rate of change. As your teams gain familiarity and momentum with the basics, keeping track of everything going in and out of your stack becomes overwhelming and unmanageable.

The Cloud-Native landscape itself…


Cloud-Native technologies present a huge opportunity for businesses and organizations across several sectors, most notably, within the Finance and Banking fields.

During the past year, the adoption of Cloud-Native technologies has rapidly increased among various sectors and geographies. According to recent studies by CNCF, there has been an increase of…

At a glance, Kubernetes is a powerful solution that solves many problems. So, it’s no surprise that Kubernetes is dominating the container orchestration market.

But working with it isn’t always easy as things can quickly become complicated. The same applies to Kubernetes security. Kubernetes isn’t secure by default. …

In the coming years, 59% of organizations plan to focus on cloud migration. By 2024, worldwide spending on cloud IT infrastructure will top $105.6 billion. Even the U.S. government has made cloud adoption a key tenet of its IT modernization goals with its “Cloud Smart” strategy. …

Enterprises have Embraced Containerization.

The cloud-native ecosystem has steadily grown over the past decade with the promise of faster deployments, cost-efficient infrastructure, and auto-scalability spurring its growth. Businesses are now developing and deploying easily scalable, cost-efficient, and more resilient applications, thus delivering innovative solutions faster and more efficiently.

Built on containers and microservices, cloud-native…


The benefits of cloud-native application development are endless, but there can be significant risks. Modern development practices and technologies, like CI/CD, containers, microservices, and self-provisioning, require greater visibility and control to account for the faster and more dynamic software delivery cycle.

The 24/7 nature of modern software systems which are…

This Article was Originally Published at Magalix

Regardless of what you are building, it’s always best to integrate security from the early stages of the development process. This approach ensures more security when cloud-native applications go into production.

When it comes to containerized workloads, it’s critical to properly secure…

This Article was Originally Published at Magalix

In the age of containerized apps, modern applications leverage microservices packed with configurations and other related dependencies. …

This Article was Originally Published at Magalix

The power and convenience of the cloud have changed the landscape for startups and big companies alike. It introduced new models that offered new business opportunities that are unheard of, in terms of infrastructure, agility, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness. …

This Article was Originally Published at Magalix


Security Breaches have Serious and Far-reaching Repercussions

In 2020, 51% of organizations reported a “significant business disruption” following a cybersecurity incident. The average cost of a data breach is 3.86 million. Clearly, breaches damage firms financially. They also affect their compliance posture, attract more fines, and damage their reputation…

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